I Am Protective

Rachel Hamm


Growling Bears and Slithering Snakes

Bear is his middle name for a reason. And no, not as in teddy, Bryant or Fuzzy Wuzzy. A grizzly bear complete with claws, big teeth and an intimidating growl to match. Of course, the wagging tail, pretty eyes and occasional bowtie collar might throw you but don’t be fooled. When this chocolate lab’s masters, aka Nana, Paw Paw and Momma, are threatened, that’s when the growl emerges. His wild, protective instincts take over and he never holds back. Summers in the South bring about a lot of things like high temperatures, lightning bugs and the most terrifying foe – snakes. Normally, tried and true Southerners would put out the “Snake Away” from the local hardware store and watch where they stepped. My family and I were no different, but nothing really ever prepared us for what happened in mid-July. Reagan, aka the “Bear,” loved to be outside and, not…