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Don’t Neglect to Invest in Your Professional Development

In the thick of the workday, it’s common to feel like you don’t have the time to learn new tasks or skills. It often feels like there’s always something more important to cross off your to-do list. But it’s important to set aside time to cultivate your professional development. Doing so can help you get ahead in your career, not just at your current job, but in future roles as well. Still unconvinced? Below are a handful of reasons you should invest in yourself, plus valuable tips to do it quickly and efficiently, so that you can make the most of what little time you have. 1. Become a more desirable job candidate. Employers are always looking to hire smart, driven people who have a wide set of skills and are committed to developing their expertise. Having lots of experience in different areas will go a long way, especially if…

Staying Connected to Your Humanity in the Digital Age

Technology has a profound impact on our lives, by and large affecting when, where and how we live and work, as well as influencing how we see and understand the world. But now that we’re always on and always connected, how can we strike a healthy work-life balance that ensures we don’t lose our humanity in the digital age? The price of our time More than one-third of respondents (36 percent) to a survey by Future Workplace for Kronos Inc. said they had given up work-life balance. Millennial and Gen Z employees were especially sensitive to this loss—83 percent reported they felt they had given up work-life balance, as opposed to 29 percent of Baby Boomers. Meanwhile, in the Pew Research Center’s July 2018 “Stories From Experts About the Impact of Digital Life,” Carolyn Heinrich, a professor of public policy, education and economics, writes: “If someone would have told me I…

Finding the Right Mentor to Grow Your Career

Mentors can be crucial to your professional and personal development, no matter your career stage. But how do you find one? Should you choose someone in your industry? Does it need to be a person you know? Here are five strategies you should consider when trying to find a mentor who is right for you. 1. Find someone successful in your field. Do a little research to find a professional in your industry. If you’re a web designer, for example, you might want to ask a creative director to become your mentor. This person will be able to speak the right lingo, and he or she will likely know professionals in your industry, which will be helpful for climbing the ladder. You might think first of people within your company, but this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, your mentor doesn’t need to work with you — and…