I Am Protective



The Santa Clause Conundrum

My son believed in Santa Claus until he was in high school. At first, when we realized he was still believing long after most of his peers, we thought it was sweet. A few years later, we started to worry. What if he was hanging with a bunch of cool teenage guys and mentioned Santa Claus in a way-too serious manner? Not cool. So we started to drop hints. Asking him what he would like MOM and DAD to get him for Christmas instead of what he’s asking Santa for. Jokingly asking him if he still believed, and then chickening out when he said he did. Every year, without fail, he insisted we put out cookies and milk. When he was 13, I just happened to be out of cookies on Christmas Eve. He was not amused. I think I ended up making an eleventh-hour run to the Chevron for…