I Am Protective

Wynell Gilbert


”I Can’t Do My Assignment…I Don’t Have Any Paper”

Parents and children are preparing to go back to school – and possibly dreading every minute of it. In my childhood, going back to school was something I looked forward to.  I enjoyed shopping for school clothes and going to Kmart or Eckerd Drugs to stock up on notebooks, filler paper, pencils…etc.  I can remember organizing and reorganizing all of my supplies with such enthusiasm and excitement for what was to come.   I always knew that I would have all of my essentials to begin the year strong. Now, as an adult, I see how easily I took these things for granted. I never questioned cost or what steps had to be taken in order for me to have these items, I just knew I would have what I needed and that was that. Now, I’m in my mother’s shoes. My sons have the same excitement I did as a…

Teaching them to Have a Voice

As a mom and a teacher of fifteen plus years, I’ve had to learn how to be a mom when it’s time to be a mom and be a teacher when it’s time to be a teacher. However, there are instances when those two professions overlap. One day, my son came home from school upset because he was held from recess for “tattling.” He went on to explain that he witnessed a student hurt another student and went to tell the teacher. The teacher then reprimanded him for, in her words, “not minding his own business.” My son, dazed and confused at the thought of getting in trouble for something we had taught him was right, came to me looking for a solution – and a hug. I never taught elementary school, so when we went to meet with his teacher over the incident I went in with a mom…