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Protective's new brand: Showcasing our commitment as protectors

At Protective, we take pride in our people-first culture and living up to our name. Throughout our 114-year history, we have proven our ability to handle challenges, while growing and gaining momentum through it all.

In the past three years alone, Protective has experienced 41% customer growth and 48% revenue increase, a testament to the company’s solid financial foundation, innovative workforce strategy, solution-driven customer approach and community investment. During the pandemic, Protective accelerated plans to expand our virtual workforce, allowing the company to easily shift teams and resources to drive technology adoption and meet customer needs during a critical time.

Through rapid growth and evolution, we've still been able to continue to advance  our strong culture and strengthen the organization. Because of this solid foundation, Protective is well-positioned to build on our strength. 

And while we’re a bigger player today, we are the same Protective. We remain dedicated to helping more people achieve a sense of protection and security. We remain a company with a drive to do what’s right, the heart to connect and a spirit that pushes us to work for the better.

Protective’s evolution

Protective is different than it was a decade ago, and the company will be even more different a decade from now. We continue to evolve and really embrace change to become more protective as time goes by. 

When we signed the Liberty acquisition in 2018 and Great-West in 2019, Protective was at an inflection point. We’ve always been known to “punch above our weight,” but today, especially with this most recent growth, we are in a new weight class.

Our aspiration to serve more people requires a brand that can help support growth — a brand that will drive awareness, stronger connections and ultimately, business results. Protective is ready to launch a brand that will drive momentum for years to come. 

The Protective story

Our values, heart, integrity and drive resonate with employees and distribution partners. The people who know us, know us well and like us. But many outside of Protective do not know our story. We needed a way to clearly connect and tell our story — and we have a good one to tell. 

Today, we serve over 12 million customers. That's approximately 4% of the U.S. population that we may touch in some way, shape or form. We also recently hit $1 trillion of insurance in force — that’s a lot of trust people are placing in us to be by their side. 

In developing our new brand, we leveraged these insights and momentum for the future. 

Establishing our new identity was a thoughtful, cross-functional effort that began with research. Through consumer, employee and partner surveys and stakeholder interviews, we heard from over 6,000 different respondents. 

We determined there was an opportunity to share our story more broadly. And the reality was, even our advisors who knew us were asking for help in educating their clients about Protective.

Our rebrand efforts capitalize on the strengths of our company and highlight all the things that make us who we are today.

The result? A new brand that allows employees, partners and customers to see themselves as part of the Protective story, a brand that builds on our shared values, amplifies who we are and clarifies how we uniquely deliver.

We’re all protectors

Our beliefs and behaviors have the power to distinguish us — to draw people in and build connections. Our new brand unifies, simplifies and defines Protective. It is more than a logo, color or website. Brand is what we say, what we do and how we do it every day. Our brand builds our reputation. It is the shorthand for why people trust us to be part of their lives.

We have a great name, and we had not used it enough to promote the value we deliver. It clearly states what we provide for people: protection, whether it's through life insurance, retirement or asset protection.

We also needed a stronger visual identity to reinforce our brand. Our new logo emphasizes our humanity. It complements our name and symbolizes that we are by your side. 

The theme you see in our rebranding is that we're all protectors. In our personal lives and in our work, that's our nature as an organization. And it's at the heart of everything we do in terms of trying to make sure we take care of our customers. We’re all working as one team to help more people achieve the protection and security they deserve, no matter where they come from, where they are heading or how big they dream. It’s why we put our customers — and every protector — at the heart of Protective. 

Our commitment as protectors

Our unwavering commitment to our values remains. It's doing the right thing, it's serving people, it's building trust. With our new brand, we've incorporated a new value: Aspire for better. On our mission to help make people’s lives better through a sense of protection and security, we will stay curious and open to different perspectives. We will search for better solutions and learn continuously. We will keep growing. 

We’re excited to tell our story and for our customers, partners and employees to see themselves as part of it. With drive and heart, we make the most of every opportunity to help others. It’s who we are and who we’ve always been.

It’s simply our duty and responsibility to put people first — that will never change. If you are working for us, with us or are using our products: you are a protector.

Rich Bielen is President and Chief Executive Officer at Protective.


Protective and Protective Life refer to Protective Life Insurance Company (PLICO) and its affiliates, including Protective Life and Annuity Company (PLAIC). PLICO, founded in 1907, is located in Nashville, TN, and is licensed in all states excluding New York. PLAIC is located in Birmingham, AL, and is licensed in New York. Product availability and features may vary by state. Each company is solely responsible for the financial obligations accruing under the products it issues. Product guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing company.

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