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Protective Stadium as seen from above
Protective Stadium

World-class events

With supporting venues like the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Complex, Protective Stadium, concert halls and more, the stage is always set for a great event in Birmingham.

The World Games 2022

The World Games feature competitions at the highest level in a multitude of diverse, popular and spectacular sports. Sports practiced on land, in the air, in and on the water, all concur in the pursuit of "Faster, Higher, Stronger." Protective Stadium is proud to host both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of The World Games 2022 in Birmingham.

Founded in 1980 in Seoul Korea, The World Games provides a unique event for thousands of athletes from 30+ sports and various countries to join in a celebration of unity and friendship across all boundaries. The World Games is staged over a period of 11 days, and takes place every four years. The World Games aims to develop the popularity of the sports that are governed by its Member Federations, improve their prominence through excellent sporting achievement and conserve all the traditional values of sports. 

Many sports will be represented at The World Games 2022, including Fistball, a German sport where players try to hit a ball over a net with their fist; DanceSport, which consists of Breaking, Latin, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Standard dancing; Karate, Sumo, Softball, Lacrosse and more. 

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