I Am Protective

Employee Volunteer Initiatives


Operation Warm

Employees at Protective Life Insurance Company in Syracuse, New York, helped Syracuse City International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) warm the hearts – and bodies – of young children in need by raising money toward the firefighters’ Operation Warm program.

Love at First Light

The circumstances that bring women to shelters like First Light have changed.  Director of volunteer services Deborah Everson calls it a stew of factors, and the recipe looks something like this: “1 cup mental illness, 3 dashes of joblessness, 2 scoops of addiction to medication to deal with the mental illness.” She shares this recipe for homelessness to church groups, organizations and businesses, hoping to offer insight into an issue that is perceived by most as “someone else’s problem.” And it is “until that stew happens in their families,” she adds. And when it does, First Light is there to help. In the 1980s when First Light was just a volunteer-operated emergency night shelter for women and children located in the basement of First Presbyterian Church in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, it was easy to describe the face of homelessness. “They were bag ladies. Single women. Alcoholics or prostitutes,” Everson says.…