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Protecting Kids from Themselves Online

One reckless tweet, one mindless Snapchat, one thoughtless text message. That’s all it takes to derail a child’s dreams of going to college, winning a scholarship or landing an internship. That reality, coupled with the amount of time kids spend on devices nowadays, can make parenting in the age of digital technology complicated and overwhelming. More than half of teens saying they feel addicted to their cell phones, according to the nonprofit group CommonSense.org. And 45 percent say they are online almost constantly, according to Pew Research Center’s “Teens, Social Media & Technology 2018” report. If you are concerned about your child’s online behavior, you are not alone. A 2014 survey titled “Parenting in the Age of Technology” conducted by Northwestern University’s Center on Media and Human Development found that the vast majority of parents say new media technologies make parenting more difficult. Almost 80 percent say it caused conflict…

Tips for Building a Powerful Personal Brand Online

In today’s crowded online market, building a successful personal brand has never been more important, no matter what position you have or industry you work in. An online personal brand sets you apart and helps you form a lasting impression on both employers, colleagues and customers. Without an attractive personal brand to reach your intended audience, it may be difficult for you to build a profitable business or land the job of your dreams. How can an online brand advance your goals? Personal brands are important to everyone, not just marketers and entrepreneurs. They can go a long way in advancing your professional status. For instance, if you want to take on more customers, your brand is crucial to attracting new clients and keeping the ones you already have. An online brand, when done right, provides customers not just with a snapshot of the services you offer but who you…