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We're all protectors: What that means to our leaders

by Wade Harrison, Aaron Seurkamp and Scott Karchunas

Being a protector is built into everything Protective does. Across divisions and business lines, it's been woven into the culture of the company for the past 114 years. Our new brand is helping us publicly share our commitment as protectors with the world. 

The rebranding process included testing different messages, logos, taglines and more. But, the real questions we wanted to think about were around finding clarity. Who  is Protective? What makes us uniquely who we are? How can we best position ourselves to define our company and better help our customers, teams and partners understand what we do and why?

Being a protector has always been at the heart of our work in each of our divisions. While we have a new logo and  brand identity, we’re the same Protective — just defined in a way that’s easier to share and reflective of who we are. Because of this, we feel fortunate that the transition has been a very smooth process. 

Our new brand has helped by unifying and simplifying the message. The right messaging is impactful because it's a new way to leverage our brand values and make it easy to communicate. That's important when you have a growing and diverse business. Everyone can now rally around a shared purpose.

The right message at the right time

Even though our rebranding process began in 2019, for many, the COVID-19 pandemic reframed the importance of protecting what matters most to them. As a result, protection became top of mind for many in 2020 and 2021. Protective's rebranding message, centering around being a protector, resonated throughout our divisions during a critical time for our customers, distributors and employees.

Rebranding presents an opportunity to make sure we're really aligning our messaging for our customers, teams and distributors. From a strategic and market standpoint, we want everything we do to align with who we are.

As part of our rebranding, we included a new value: Aspire for better. Protective has long had a culture and focus on continuous improvement and striving for better within the company. Whether it's customer experience, organizational effectiveness, product innovation or how we treat people, we always want to be able to do better for our people. Centering these values, especially during times of uncertainty, can help provide that push to keep moving forward while letting customers and those in the industry know what we stand for.

Headshots of Wade Harrison, Aaron Seurkamp and Scott Karchunas

What it means to be a protector

In our roles, we understand protection runs the gamut, from helping your loved ones through life insurance products to getting more financial security for retirement and having coverage for day-to-day living. 

Here's what being a protector means to us:

Wade Harrison, Protection Division 

“Our Protection business is clearly aligned with our corporate mission to protect, because at our core, we protect the financial futures of families who have suffered a loss due to premature death or disability.

We've found the last 18 months have really reinforced the importance of life insurance and highlighted its foundational role as a protector of families across this country. We constantly think about what more we can do for our customers and their families during times of need. We aim to give people some peace of mind during stressful times, so they know they've got someone in their corner."

Aaron Seurkamp, Retirement Division

"For those of us supporting the retirement business lines, our overarching mission is to protect our customers’ financial security in retirement.

The customer is at the center of everything we do, and it's our job to meet them on their terms and listen to what they need. During pandemics, recessions or other types of economic uncertainty, customers and financial professionals rely on our products to reduce uncertainty and ensure their assets and income are protected for the long term. We're protective of delivering financial security, so we offer a broad range of solutions to fully meet our customers’ needs in retirement."

Scott Karchunas, Asset Protection Division

"I like to say our role as a protector begins when people buy what's usually their second largest asset next to a home, these include vehicles of all types.

By providing peace of mind coverage to our customers on these important assets, we make a promise we'll be by their side during the ownership of their vehicles. We are fully committed to fulfilling that promise. We  view everyone — our customers, employees and partners — as people. The new logo, which is one piece of our refreshed brand, helps reinforce our view that everyone is part of a larger integrated community. It is through this lens that we want to see the world."

Because we're all protectors

We know the idea of being a protector, for your family and your community, only becomes more important during tough times. Protective's new branding reinforces the purpose we have shared for over a century, that a commitment to helping people feel protected and secure is at the core of everything we do — because we're all protectors.

Learn more about Protective's rebranding from Rich Bielen, Protective's President and Chief Executive Officer.


Wade Harrison is Senior Vice President and President, Protection Division at Protective. Aaron Seurkamp is Senior Vice President and President, Retirement Division. Scott Karchunas is Senior Vice President and President, Asset Protection Division.

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